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New England GolfGuide Rating System

The New England GolfGuide rating system is based upon multiple criteria, the most important of which are the course layout, condition, and the overall playing experience of the course.

Other key factors include:
  The memorability of the holes
  The variety of the holes
  The quality of the practice facilities
  The professionalism and friendliness of the staff
  The value per dollar spent
  And the ability to walk the course. (Requiring carts at extra cost deducts points)

Star Ratings
New England GolfGuide course ratings are based on a 5-star scale. To further help distinguish one course from another, we have added star ratings.

  The 5-star rating is reserved for only a handful of the clearly Outstanding courses in the region.
   4-star courses are Excellent, in terms of playing experience, beauty, conditions, and staff service.
  3-stars are Very Good, frequently boosted by numerous positive comments from our readers
  2-stars represent Good courses, some of which might be among your favorites.

Where do ratings come from?

The New England GolfGuide Rating Team. The Rating Team consists of dedicated amateur volunteers with a history of playing a large number of courses. In 2009, we have added PGA Professionals to expand our reach and add a new level to our ratings. With more than 650 public courses in our region, the Golf Guide staff cannot visit every course each season, but our group of reliable players and course raters contribute comments and update us on layout, conditions, and upgrades throughout the season. 

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