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Blackstone National Golf Club  |  Sutton, MA

Great Value, Great Destination, Great Venue.

Blackstone Number 5

Set amongst the feeder streams, hardwood swamps and mixed forests of the Blackstone Valley National Heritage Corridor in Sutton, Massachusetts, Blackstone meanders through the Corridor’s rolling hills just 12 miles south of downtown Worcester. Upon a canvas unmatched in Southern New England, Rees Jones devised a memorable routing replete with mystery and intrigue.

Navigating Blackstone is a visually stunning experience, and with a slope of 139 and a rating approaching 75, the course is not for the faint of heart. But while Blackstone boasts length (the black tee measures over 6,900 yards), it is the visual deception incorporated into virtually every hole that serves as Blackstone’s primary defense.

Blackstone’s challenges are not limited to the mental gymnastics encountered on the tee. In fact, Blackstone’s approach shots are typically where the fun really begins. Considering that most greens incorporate well defined swales, ridges, bowls and slopes, attacking any of the multiple pin placement options availed by each green from the proper position is essential.

Competing with the golf course as the crown jewel of Blackstone is the club’s restaurant, the National Grill. Depending on your taste, one (or more) of the Grill’s twenty plus beer selections surely will complement perfectly any post-round meal choice from the compact, but quality-laden, menu. But what truly distinguishes the National Grill is its breakfast and brunch buffet.

Even if your day is not capped off by eagle on the uphill par five 18th, your experience will surely cause you to contemplate where Blackstone National Golf Club places among New England’s elite golf clubs. Order that omelet with your coffee on your next visit (we recommend mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon and cheddar), and Blackstone’s rank might then be cemented.

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