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Butter Brook  |  Westford, MA

Massachusetts’ Hidden Gem.

Butter Brook Golf Club, located in the Boston suburb of Westford, is the masterful creation of world renowned golf course architect Mark Mungeam. He has beautifully transformed a farm into a hidden gem of a layout set upon 210 acres of sandy soil, rolling hills, mature trees, and expansive wetlands. The course's name is derived from the Butter Brook, which gently meanders through the property.

Having opened for play in 2007, the championship course satisfi es all skill levels by having four sets of tees which range from 4,900 to just over 6,700 yards. Featuring bent grass greens and fairways, the A4 and L93 varieties provide for an exceptionally smooth and true putting experience. Th e club is also equipped with a practice facility (mats and grass tee capabilities), putting and chipping areas, and a grille room to host your next corporate golf outing.

Seeking the best golfi ng value in a serene setting conveniently located less than 25 miles from downtown Boston? Look no further than the unforgettable Butter Brook Golf Club. Please visit online or call us at (978) 692-6560 to book your next tee time!

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