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Cranberry Valley Golf Course  |  Harwich, MA

One of Cape Codís Favorites.

If you ask serious golfers what their favorite course on Cape Cod is the name that often pops up is Cranberry Valley Golf Course which opened in 1974 in the beautiful Cape Cod town of Harwich. The course was designed by Geoffrey Cornish and Bill Robinson and quickly became a very popular golf destination for players from all over. Cranberry Valley is well maintained and features a superb routing that flows easily over beautiful terrain, which includes marshes, and of course a few cranberry bogs. Every hole has its own personality and no two are the same.

Management enhanced the course a few years ago through an extensive bunker redesign and restoration, overseen by noted architect Mark Mungeam. Several fairway bunkers were relocated so as to come into play and protect par against todayís modern equipment, although the best players can still accept the challenge of attempting to fly the traps off the tee.

Mungeam also redesigned the driving range and practice facilities. Cranberry Valley now has one of the finest practice facilities on Cape Cod, which includes a short game area with bunkers and a chipping area, providing players with the opportunity to work on all aspects of their game.

Cranberry Valley isnít overly long by todayís standards at 6,745 yards, but this par 72 layout has a number of dogleg holes that add invisible yardage which demand proper club selection and placement off the tee. With challenging Par 3s and an exciting double dogleg finale on Hole #18, Cranberry Valley offers a full golf experience whether you are a beginner or long-time player.

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