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Cranwell Golf Club  |  Lenox, MA

Golf Digest’s “Best Places to Play”

Golf is a beloved tradition at the historic course at Cranwell Spa & Golf Resort. Magnificent views, tree-lined fairways and naturally contoured greens have been carefully preserved in the more than 80 years since the beautiful Berkshire course was built.

Renowned for its outstanding natural beauty, Cranwell’s 18-hole golf course combines spectacular views with challenging golf. This magnificent course was built by Wayne Stiles and John Van Kleek in 1926 on the site of the original Berkshire Hunt Club. In “The Life and Work of Wayne Stiles,” Bob Labbance and Kevin Mendik write “One key aspect of the golf course remains unchanged; the terrain and green complexes are classic Stiles and Van Kleek. Many holes have their own environment unseen from any others. The hidden bunkers and narrow necks are constant, and many fairways sloped in the direction of the greens provide classic Stiles challengers.”

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