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Elmcrest Country Club  |  East Longmeadow, MA

New Ownership Makes Course Available to Public.

Established in 1964, Elmcrest was a labor of love by its late founder Joe Pagos. The golf course has a long history as one of the most enjoyable and fun courses to play in Western Mass, but was a well kept secret operating as a private club up until its recent sale in the spring of 2016. Now it is available for all to play operating as a semi-private club.

In April of 2016 Elmcrest was purchased by the ownership of Crestview Country Club, which is regarded as one of the best golf courses in the region, hosting the LPGA Friendly’s Classic for 4 years. This purchase has created the new golf brand “Crest Golf”.

After operating Crestview as one of the best semi-private facilities in the region for the past 6 years, Managing Partner and International Golf Course Architect David Fleury said, “We are excited to make Elmcrest available to the entire golf community as a semi-private club while continuing to grow our portfolio of family operated golf and entertainment facilities. This golf course has always had a tremendous appeal to players of all abilities because of its location and playability. The golf course is not overly long, but the routing requires the player to hit all types of shots and judge each shot carefully, this makes for an exciting round. Considering the fact that Elmcrest has some of the most interesting green complexes in the area, this golf course is a pleasure to play without being overbearing. One of our goals has always been to ensure our golf courses are very well maintained while being a good test of golf, but we focus on making sure the course is fun to play and Elmcrest is right in line with this philosophy. Like Crestview, Elmcrest is a great golf course because it captures a player’s attention every time they play it. With so many great attributes we consider this an excellent addition to our golf portfolio!”

Elmcrest and Crestview are perfectly situated on the MA/CT line just 10 minutes off the I-91 corridor, to the East and West respectively. Call us at (413) 525-4653, or visit our website at, or our Facebook page at: elmcrest country club, east longmeadow mass.

Come let the “Crest Golf” team of Event Planners, Culinary Experts and PGA Golf Professionals show you why Elmcrest is the best “new” golf course and entertainment facility in the region!

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