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Glen Ellen Country Club  |  Millis, MA

Glen Ellen Country Club, also known as The Glen, is located on 250 rolling acres conveniently located between Routes 495 and 128 an easy ride from Boston or Worcester. The 18-hole championship golf course with a grass tee driving range is always in ideal condition and is playable for golfers at all levels. The PGA Professional staff offers golf lessons and golf camps for juniors throughout the summer.

Glen Ellen is the perfect course for your golf outing. Having hosted thousands of golf tournaments, they have developed a successful formula for these events that provide an excellent experience at a reasonable cost. They are also the ideal spot for weddings, reunions, company outings and any special event you might have. Glen Ellen doesn’t just offer activities, they offer experiences. The grounds are meticulously maintained and provide scenic background for your event.

Glen Ellen also has an Olympic size pool, kiddie pool, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, miniature golf and a playground that offers the opportunity to participate in basketball, sandpit volleyball, softball, soccer and bocce. Glen Ellen is a club that has something for everyone in the family. As a result, there are a variety of memberships for golf, the pool and juniors that do not require an initiation fee or monthly minimums. For more information call 508-376-2775 or go to their website at

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