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[Private Course]

Glocester Country Club  |  Chepachet, RI

A Family Friendly Gem.

Glocester Country Club, established in 1929, is perhaps the best kept secret in
Rhode Island. Located on Waterman Lake in Harmony, Glocester Country Club
offers more than just great golf. The club features some of the few clay tennis courts
in Rhode Island, a beautiful sandy beach for swimming, a tree lined picnic area and
private boat docks, all in a welcoming and warm friendly atmosphere. For members
there are golf and tennis tournaments all season long, a variety of leagues and
active youth programs for golf and tennis throughout the summer. As for dining,
you can’t go wrong with the excellent food in the dining room. You can also eat on
the extensive deck overlooking the lake and 7th tee providing a beautiful venue for
private functions.

But if you’re looking for a topnotch golf experience, Glocester is your place. The
course is highly regarded throughout the state for the conditions of its fairways and
greens. The course plays to a par of 35, and is a tougher test than its length (2,769
yards) would suggest. The course is a lot of fun, but definitely not easy. The greens
can play extremely fast and the thick rough around the greens complicates chips and
pitches. New tees have been built recently to give the back nine a different look.

The club has a “Member For A Day” program or you can check out their coupon in
the back of the book. Bring in the coupon and receive another one for a future date!
Take a chance and give Glocester a try. You won’t regret it.

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