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Green Mountain National  |  Killington, VT

Green Mountain: Accessible & Exceptional.

While Vermont has some of the finest golf courses in Northeast, the beauty and design of Green Mountain National Golf Course ranks among the entire regionís finest. New England GolfGuide has given Green Mountain a four-star rating, and considers it one of the best courses in Vermont.

With an exceptionally varied, and some might say robust, layout, the course exudes a championship feel, from the pro shop to the lounge, from the mountain setting to the last putt on 18.

Itís a great experience for golfers of all ability levels. Multiple tees allow you to take on the course at the appropriate level for your game. In fact, itís not a bad idea at all to play your first round from the middle tees before hiking to the back tees. A little local knowledge might save a few balls and a few surprises, and give you more confidence for the second round.

Located in the heart of Central Vermont, just off Route 100, the Vermont Golf Trail, just minutes away from the Killington Resort, there are many exceptional lodging choices available within minutes of the course and multiple activities for you and your family to enjoy during your visit.

Green Mountain National is also perfect for outings or tournaments. The course specializes in golf instruction as well as activities designed specifically for women golfers.

What separates this course from others is its unique and challenging design features. Generously carved out of the Green Mountains, the course offers solitude and a private golf experience that delights players and changes from hole to hole.

Although youíll know youíre in the mountains, you neednít be a Sherpa to play. Gently sloping fairways that feature generous landing areas, distinctive changes in elevation, and undulating greens provide natural beauty. View the centuriesold rock formations carved by the glaciers, and be sure to stop a moment on the #16 Tee, as you enjoy the panoramic views in a spectacular setting.

Take a moment to explore the website and see what Green Mountain National Golf Course has to offer.

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