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Hermitage  |  Wilmington, VT

At the southern end of Vermont lies a wonderful Desmond Muirhead design: Hermitage Golf Club in Wilmington. Though the course has undergone many changes since Muirhead’s original work in 1972, most are in the area of conditioning, new grasses, and refinement.

Today a first-time player is struck by the beauty of the course, as it wraps around the hillsides and ridges of this ski-region landscape. Such placement means elevated tees and greens, and occasional sidehill lies if one isn’t driving right down the middle. Several greens have sizeable breaks, influenced by the surrounding hillsides, one of the quirks of mountain golf, and one of the delights of a little local knowledge. Though hilly, many find it eminently walkable.

For those who love drivers, come on down. Several generous fairways await the “big dog,” including the spectacular par 5 eleventh hole, which features a 250- foot drop-off from the tee. Whale away and you might have just a short iron to the green. From there, you face long and short, up and down holes that will delight just about any player. Hermitage stretches to 6549 yards from the blues and plays at 6164 yards from the whites presenting an opportunity to score well or card a few double bogeys — that part is up to you.

The clubhouse sports a fine grill and bar overlooking the course, the 19th Hole Lounge, complete with a billiards table if you still have that urge to sink a few.

Hermitage has new and exciting ownership news, as it is now owned by The Hermitage. Adjacent to Haystack Mountain, The Hermitage is an elegant fourstar country inn, complete with its own covered bridge, fine dining restaurant, upscale pub, art collection and nationally renowned wine cellar. For onsite offerings, this unique property also provides a 9-mile hiking and cross-country ski trail, mountain biking, and fly-fishing. With the spectacular views outside and breathtaking décor inside, guests find themselves completely surrounded by the utmost in Vermont beauty and serenity. The Hermitage’s establishment as a charming, all-encompassing property combined with its commitment for service and luxury make it a perfect base lodge for the Hermitage community.

• Hermitage is now offering affordable club memberships for unlimited golf, skiing and countless other activities and amenities.
• Only 4-Star golf course in Southern Vermont, and continues to receive accolades from the golf media.
• What was once considered a diamond in the rough is getting closer to being that “perfect stone”.
• The Hermitage is a highly recognized wedding destination in New England.
• Special stay & play packages are available. Stay for two nights or two months, but all packages include golf daily with cart.

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