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Highfields  |  Grafton, MA

The first thought after a round at Highfields is “Now that was a challenge!”

This strategic Mark Mungeam design demands your full attention the entire round. Pars are meant to be earned, and the rewards for a well-played hole are well worth the effort.

From the back tees of 7021, the slope is 140. For those with stronger feelings of self-preservation, the middle tees at 6024 still offer a 131 slope and plenty of course to maneuver around.

Every occasion shines at Highfield’s Golf & Country Club. The club provides a beautiful backdrop for Wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, corporate socials, business meetings, golf outings, luncheons and a host of other special occasions. Customized event planning and impeccable service make any event at Highfields truly a special occasion. Our dedication and attention to detail will allow everyone to relax and enjoy the event.

Our beautifully decorated Clubhouse surrounds you with warmth and casual elegance. Our spacious Claddagh Room can seat up to 225 guests and boasts magnificent views of our perfectly manicured golf course and the Worcester Hills, with a private patio overlooking the 18th green.

For occasions where the guest list is smaller and the moments more intimate, Highfield’s Golf & Country Club offer smaller private dining rooms.

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