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Hyannis Golf Club  | Hyannis, MA

Situated at the center of Cape Cod, just minutes from a wide variety of local attractions, Hyannis Golf Club offers convenience and a friendly atmosphere that is conducive to families, beginners, juniors and seniors.

The course is a short drive from Barnstable Airport and the Mid-Cape Highway, while the ferries departing to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are also within easy reach. The area’s popular beaches and the bustling Hyannis Main Street, where shopping, dining and live music are summertime staples, beckon once your round of golf is over.

But it might be difficult to leave quickly. The club’s grille room and outdoor deck provide a relaxing spot to add up your score. With a large banquet room, Hyannis is a popular choice for golf outings. It also annually plays host to the Cape Cod Open, the area’s premier professional tournament.

Since being purchased by the town of Barnstable in 2007, the club has worked to attract golfers of all abilities by moving up tees, widening fairways and setting up a course that promotes speedy play and low scoring. Scratch golfers who choose to play the championship tees will still find it plenty challenging, but those in search of a more casual experience will enjoy the numerous improvements. Playing from the white tees (or red ladies tees), they will hit to generous fairways from elevated tees, with expansive, receptive greens that are considered among the finest on the Cape.

At approximately 6,000 yards from the white tees and 6600 from the Blues, the par-71 course is not long, and golfers won’t be required to hit driver off every tee. Unlike many newer, tricked-up designs, good shots are rewarded.

The course includes a large practice area and two putting greens, offering ample opportunity to sharpen your game. With a wooded, hilly natural setting, Hyannis Golf is a pleasant course where beginners, juniors, seniors and families are welcomed and where they will find a layout that is intriguing and fair.

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