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Lake Kezar Country Club  |  Lovell, ME

The Best Kept Secret in Western Maine.

Nestled in the foothills of the White Mountains, Lake Kezar Country Club is a par 72 gem that combines a 1924 Donald Ross design, with a spectacular and breathtaking back nine opened in 1998. The challenge and beauty of the brooks, ponds, stonewalls, and majestic Eastern white pines are never ending. Lake Kezar Country Club offers four sets of tees on every hole to accommodate any level of golfer.

With superior public accessibility and discounted group rates, Lake Kezar Country Club has become the destination for many corporate, group and family outings. We donít have houses, condos, tennis courts, or swimming pools, we just have Cadillac conditions at Volkswagen prices. If you plan to golf in Northern New England, Lake Kezar Country Club is a must visit.

Lake Kezar Country Club has been rated the Number One Golfing Value in New England for 2019 by the New England GolfGuide.

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