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Maplegate Country Club  |  Bellingham, MA

Spectacular Golf in Peaceful Surroundings.

Maplegate Country Club is located just off Interstate 495 in Bellingham and Franklin. Established in 1990, Maplegate is a beautiful golf course set on 150 acres of rolling hills nestled amongst large pine, maple, oak and beech trees with many holes bordered by picturesque old stone walls. Exceptional detail went into all aspects of building the course and its facilities, resulting in a championship golf course that provides interesting, challenging and relaxing rounds of golf for everyone. Known for its great landing areas, you can take out your driver on every Par 4 and Par 5 on the course. From the championship tees Maplegate’s par 72 course stretches to over 6,800 yards.

The Golf School at Maplegate is the perfect place to learn how to play or to improve your golf game. The teaching staff, led by PGA professional Greg Dowdell, are dedicated to the advancement of your game in an atmosphere that is both professional and enjoyable. The key to their success, and yours, is the ability to customize a program to each person’s need.

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