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Pleasant Valley Country Club  |  Sutton, MA

A Club Like No Other.

In 1959, Pleasant Valley Country Club was carved out of an expansive three hundred fifty acre apple orchard and in 1961, under the watchful eye of Cosmo “Cuz” Mingolla, the club opened its doors. Today Pleasant Valley Country Club is owned by the Magill Family who once were members, opened the Highfields Golf & Country Club in Grafton and returned to purchase the course they love.

Rich in history and tradition, Pleasant Valley Country Club has built a nationally acclaimed reputation since its debut in 1961. Known as New England’s Home of Professional Golf, Pleasant Valley is also considered one of central New England’s finest banquet & golf-outing facilities.

Professional golf came to Sutton, Massachusetts beginning with the 1962 LPGA Lady Carling Open. The PGA Tour began its annual retreat to Sutton in 1965 with the Carling World Open, which welcomed international golfers from eleven countries and offered a record purse of $200,000. Since then, Pleasant Valley has hosted forty-seven National Championships on both the LPGA and PGA Tours.

Come experience the history, the comfort and the excitement of Pleasant Valley Country Club, celebrating over 50 years of service to its members and guests.

Here is your opportunity to join a legendary country club at legendary pricing.

For more information contact Bob Recore, membership chair,
at or 508-865-4441 ext 307.

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