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Shining Rock Golf Club  |  Northbridge, MA

One of America's Best New Courses.

Carved through over 165 acres, and with an elevation change of over 400 feet, the golf course at Shining Rock provides members and daily guests with a true test of golf in an idyllic setting. First opened in 2010, Shining Rock is already a multiple award recipient, Shining Rock is one of Boston area’s finest 18 hole championship golf course. Elevated tees, large multi-tiered greens and dramatic views of the Blackstone Valley are among the highlights that golfers will speak of in the coming years.

Going into only its 9th year, Shining Rock was named the 5th best public course in the state by Golf Magazine. The course also entered great company when it was named to Golfweek’s list of 40 best new courses in America, joining only one other club in New England to achieve this prestigious honor.

With a multi-club membership available to its members, members get to call Shining Rock home. It is a par 72 course, which measures out at over 6875 yards from the tips. It features a great blend of holes that force you to use every club in your bag. Shining Rock has an excellent restaurant and bar and in 2014 added a new set of tees to accommodate an even greater range of players.

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