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Southers Marsh Golf Club  |  Plymouth, MA

What’s Red and Green and Fun All Over?

New England GolfGuide calls Southers Marsh in Plymouth “One of my ten favorite courses in Massachusetts. It has 18 wonderful holes, and the nicest, most sincere group of owner managers you’ll find anywhere, the Stearns family. They care about their golfers, and they care about their course.”

Maybe they’re always in such a good mood because of their surroundings. The course was designed around and through a working cranberry bog. That means from the clubhouse, or anywhere around the course itself, there is a visual feast of pink and lime, or red and green, for much of the year.

Southers Marsh is a par 31-30-61 with seven par 4s and eleven par 3s. Total yardage from the back tees is 4111, perfect for a quicker-than-usual 18, but stop right there if you’re thinking “pitch-and-putt.” No way. There are carries a-plenty over the bogs, strategically placed bunkers, and long grasses designed to force certain shots. And contoured greens to keep par a challenge. The shortest hole on the course, the 12th, a mere 97 yards, is actually one of the toughest because it’s an island green which looks like a sliver from the tee. There’s no bailout either—it’s hit-the-green or surrender to the bog.

That’s followed by the 13th, a dogleg right par 4 of 304 yards that plays like 395 because it’s all uphill, with a well-defended green. The finishing holes of 4-3- 3-4 can crunch many a good scorecard.

Even the most accomplished golfers will be challenged, but four sets of tees ensure that golfers of all abilities will be able to enjoy themselves. The club has a 300-yard driving range and a full service restaurant with a beautiful mahogany deck overlooking the course. The restaurant is well known locally for the good food and good cheer well after the last golfer has come in and the Stearns are happy to host a party or wedding in a most inviting setting.

The Best Golf Value in Massachusetts
15 Consecutive Years, 2005-2019

Plymouth, Massachusetts • 508-830-3535

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