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Spring Meadows  |  Gray, ME

Green Fees? Affordable. Fun? Priceless.

Spring Meadows Golf Club can be played from a range of tees that can challenge golfer’s from all skill levels. The course yardage ranges from the Ladies tee at 4706 to the Black tee at 6656.

As you prepare to hit your first tee shot, you are blown away by the different colors showcased by the trees lining the left side of the fairway. As you approach your ball in the fairway, you notice that the fairway is like a living room carpet and your ball is sitting up like nothing you have ever experienced before in golf. A crisp 7 iron and 2 putt for par later, you begin thinking to yourself that this is going to be the dream round. This is golf at Spring Meadows Golf Club.

It doesn’t end with the first hole, the elevated 7th tee gives the golfer a view over much of the front 9 and a challenge as well. Although only measuring 320 yards, the seventh hole challenges the golfers with a pond that has a history of collecting miscalculated wedge shots.

You will enjoy the entire experience at Spring Meadows. The course condition, the scenery, the staff, and of course the Player’s Lounge, serving all your favorite beverages. Call us and reserve your tee time today to enjoy Maine golf at its best.

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