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Stratton Mountain Golf Club  |  Stratton Mountain, VT

A Forest – A Lake – A Mountain.

Rich in history and scenic beauty, Stratton Mountain offers one of New England’s finest golf experiences. The golf is superb at this all-inclusive resort, which boasts a scenic and challenging championship 27-hole course that played host to six LPGA tournaments. The Forest, Lake and Mountain all have their own charm and danger, and are designed to be playable for any level golfer. Stratton’s first nine opened for play in 1964, followed by two more nine-hole layouts. A multi-year project has restored the fairways, sculpted the greens and rebuilt bunkers to reflect the original Geoffrey Cornish blueprint.

Looking for great golf instruction? Founded in 1969 by Arnold Palmer, Stratton Golf School focuses on your goals, your strengths and your game. With powerful teaching tools, customized coaching and a 22-acre learning center, you can master the basics, focus on a specific area or get ready to win the Club Championship, all while enjoying an escape to the cool Green Mountains of Vermont.

Looking to get away for a few days? Escape to Stratton Mountain where great golf is par for the course. Choose from a variety of resort lodging options for you, your group event or tournament. For more information call 1-800-STRATTON (787-2886).

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