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[Private Course]

The Preserve  | Richmond, RI

“It is an amazing property. Its 18-hole golf course definitely belongs on the Golf Advisor ‘Top Ten Par 3 Courses in America’ list.”
–P. H. Hogan, PGA Tour, Champions Tour

Carved from and set organically within 3000 acres of pristine American wilderness, the Championship course at the Preserve calls upon skills, engages minds, and touches hearts.

Designed by legendary, award-winning golf architect Robert McNeil and the Northeast Golf Company, this 18-hole, par 3 course, along with its hybrid cross country, 9-hole, par 34 configuration, stand as two of the most challenging yet playable executive courses in the Northeast. McNeil honored the land’s natural rolling character by incorporating its multiple elevations into a design featuring a variety of tees that test players at all skill levels.”

In 2015, the course at The Preserve won the American Association of Golf Architects’ Design Excellence Award.

Paul Mihailides, owner and developer of The Preserve, proudly describes the property as “the most amenities-rich sporting community in America – a private resort where unspoiled nature and sophisticated elegance find common ground. And our golf course is, without question, one of its crown jewels.

“I’ve developed country clubs for decades,” says Mihailides. “I love the sport, and I’ve come to know literally thousands of players. I believe that the vast majority of golfers may be described accurately as ‘outdoor enthusiasts,’ and I’ve created The Preserve to engage their passions throughout the year – even when the golf course is wrapped tight in blankets of snow.”

The Preserve offers to its members and residents sporting clays, bird hunting, the longest indoor underground shooting range in America, ziplining, hiking, tennis, a 25,000 square foot clubhouse featuring gourmet dining and event facilities, and The Sporting Shoppe.

Mihailides also describes The Preserve’s refined indoor amenities – luxury spa services, fitness center, climate-controlled pool, and full concierge service. And for 2018, he is truly enthusiastic when describing his new Shooting Range. “It stands as the longest indoor underground public range in America, with four rifle lanes at 150 yards, 16 additional pistol lanes, plus 3D archery, and a golf simulation room,” he says. “For Preserve members only there are private lounge facilities, spacious areas for private events such as new product unveilings, and a dedicated concierge facilitating access to private tours and bookings of the Range.”

And then there’s The Sporting Shoppe, designed in the classic tradition of history’s great expedition outfitters. From the most coveted of bespoke shotguns and rifles, to custom-built fly fishing reels, to clothing and accessories equally graced by style and functionality, The Sporting Shoppe has it all. It even offers an Outfitting Program that puts members in contact with the world’s finest hunting, fishing, and photography masters.

At The Preserve’s clubhouse, fine dining is everything a world-class culinary experience should be. Chefs have mastered diverse techniques from around the globe. Members enjoy world cuisine in private dining rooms and hand-delivered to their Preserve homes. Think cooking as you’ve come to expect it –flawlessly and creatively prepared, healthful, delicious, and often including the freshest fish and game dinners – quail tacos, pheasant pot pie, venison burgers – from resources taken within The Preserve’s expanse.

For those who choose to live at The Preserve, luxury options abound: Signature Residences, Hilltop Condominiums, and Townhomes built in a host of magnificent natural settings and designed in diverse configurations and sizes to suit your needs and exceed your highest expectations.

“There is so much more of The Preserve story to tell,” Paul Mihailides says. “But permit me to end where I began: with a celebration of our golf course.” For the full story, including detailed descriptions of each hole, and a review of the course visit

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