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Unicorn Golf Course  |  Stoneham, MA
Stoneham Oaks Golf Course  | Stoneham, MA

Both Unicorn and Stoneham Oaks are municipal 9-hole golf courses operated by Sterling Golf Management. Sterling Golf strives to provide private club conditions and service at public golf prices. Since taking over the management of both courses in the Spring of 2016, much work has been put into improving the conditions at both courses, as well as implementing their customer-friendly, service-oriented staff.

Unicorn Golf Course was originally designed by Stiles and Van Kleek and is a classic, regulation length 9-hole course with fairly straight fairways and multiple out of bounds in adjoining fairways. The course is actually quite long from the back tees, and both beginners and experienced golfers will love the way it pushes you to work on your accuracy and short game. Practice facilities include a putting green and two chipping greens.

Stoneham Oaks Golf Course is a Par 3 executive course that was established in 1994 and is located right off Route 93 on Montvale Ave. The short length of the course creates the perfect opportunity for players of all ages and abilities to be able to enjoy the course and work on their all-important short game. The “Oaks” course, as it is known, provides golfers with unique challenges and beautiful greens which run true to form.

Unicorn Golf Course | (781)-438-9732 |
Stoneham Oaks Golf Course | (781) 438-7888 |

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