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The 2017 Edition is now available. With the same great listings and even more course ratings than ever before. Plus more valuable coupons. Just $23.95.


The New England GolfGuide 2017 Edition is sold in numerous golf, sporting goods, and bookstores throughout the region. You can also buy directly from us.
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Charity Golf Events
The Guide has developed a program to assist courses and charities in raising more money at their tournaments. Our “Hit the Green” (HTG) and “Hit the Fairway” programs have raised more than raised more than $1750,000 in the past 7 years.

For those holding golf tournaments, The New England GolfGuide beats the usual sleeve of balls and golf hat. Give them a gift they’ll actually use all year instead. The 28th Edition has more info, more course ratings, and great coupons, too.

Many charities place a sticker on the book, such as “Compliments of Glenwood Hospital” so they remember you all year long.

Want to order, or learn more? Mike ‘at’ newenglandgolfguide ‘dot’ com, (508) 330-6007.

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