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What's New For 2017

As we enter our 28th year we would like to thank all of our advertisers for their support throughout the years.

According to Editor Mike Suvalle and Owner Callarose, LLC, the 2017 Guide is the biggest and best ever providing even more coupons, information, stories and articles that readers will enjoy.

Special features in the 2017 Guide:
• Private Course Section
• Coupon For A Free Warrior Golf Club (*shipping not included)
• Entry into a drawing for a full set of TaylorMade graphite golf clubs and golf bag

Continuing Features in the 2016 Guide:
• Updated Course Ratings
• Top Rated Courses for 2017
• Top 60 Golfing Values in New England
• Coupons worth over $5,000

Charity Golf Events
Our “Hit the Green” and “Hit the Fairway” programs have raised more than $175,000 for charities and golf courses throughout New England in the past 7 years and promise to be even more successful in 2017. Special pricing for sunglasses, golf balls and New England GolfGuides are available for your events.

E-Mail Blasts
Our expanded e-mail blast program enables golf courses and advertising partners to connect directly with a captive and interested audience. The database is regularly refreshed and represents thousands of potential customers that have purchased golf-related items.
For information on any of these programs contact us at (508) 330-6007.
Thanks for your continued support.
Please visit us at

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